Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Weeks!

I am SO excited we've made it to 30 weeks. My doctor says it will only be a few days after I hit the 32 week mark, which is next Friday, but we don't have a set date yet. Everyday gets even more uncomfortable, and I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time, so althought next Friday doesn't sound very far away in the outside world, in bedrest land, it seems like FOREVER away.

We had a false alarm this past Friday night. I felt a little more than usually uncomfortable, but didn't really think much of it. At about midnight my back started hurting, and before I could even call the nurse to let her know, it turned into full blown back labor. I had long contractions ever 2-3 minutes, and all of them radiating from my back. They quickly put me on an iv, gave me a shot of Turbutaline, and 4mg of Morphine (which did absolutely nothing) and wheeled me off to Labor and Delivery. I totally thought they were going to make their big debut that night, but NO. After 30 minutes or so, contractions calmed down, and I was put on observation untill Sunday night.

Monday morning I was brought back to my room, where I have been since:) Just waiting, and waiting.


Andrea said...

You are almost there!!!!! This is wonderful! Hang in there :)

Palmyra said...

You actually remind me of the way I looked with my second. He was just one, but I got to 40+ weeks. Being so tiny doesn't help and I couldn't even walk. I can only imagine how you're feeling. Hope everything goes as smooth as possible and fast! Before you know it you'll meet your three little bundles. How exciting!!