Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, it's been a while, and I keep waiting for this uninterupted time to catch up my blog, but i'm yet to get that, also I don't have my computer to put up pictures, but here goes anyway.

So, we bought this house in La Mirada, and have moved out of our dream home in Brea. I was so sad to leave our ward, and i was just starting to get into my routine in Orange County, but, that's life I guess. We moved out about 3 weeks ago, and moved in with my parents. We thought It'd be about a week...three and counting. We wanted to fix the layout before we moved in, so we knocked down about 6 walls and realized they were supporting walls.

How did we find out you ask. Well, after my brothers were done taking out their aggression on the walls, we noticed the ceilings were starting to droop. "KIDS, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" But, that was fixed thanks to Mark, Randy, and a couple of giant beams.

Well, when the walls were opened, we noticed some of the wood had been completely hollowed out by termites, and then realized the damage was quite extensive. Again, thanks to Mark, Randy, and A LOT of 2x4's the problems were fixed. 1 week later.

On to the plumbing...wait, what,the plubming needs replacing too? Uggggggh! Another weeks worth of work.

BUT, we're on the down slope now. The holes have been patched, and the ceilings redone, so we should be ready for paint and carpet by the next couple of days.

All in all it hasn't been too bad. We're tired, but all doing well, and even kind of excited about our new (for us at least) home. I'll try and get pictures soon