Monday, September 5, 2011

27 Weeks

I'm going to start off by saying.....don't judge. Hair and make-up is not a priority on hospital bedrest.

With that said, the babies and I are doing really well so far. We had a little scare at about 22weeks with TTTS which stands for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. There's nothing that we could have done about it, and it was really hard to have something be so completly out of our hands. With a lot of prayer and a wonderful ward and family fast, i'm at 27 weeks, and both boys are growing evenly and well. I truly feel blessed to have made it this far and appreciate the outpouring of love and support our family has recieved.

My big goal is 32 weeks, but I'm taking baby steps to that goal. My first small goal is 28 weeks, at which point if the babies are born, their chances of survival are 90 something percent, and the risks of long term disabilities are greatly reduced. I hit that goal on FRIDAY!!

Then I've got a 30 week goal to hit, and then finally 32!

It sounds like I'll be at the hospital untill these babies are born, and I'm doing the best I could to keep myself busy and entertained, but even my best efforts don't make the time go by fast enough:(

I just realized I haven't even blogged about my pregnancy, so if you're just logging on....I'm pregnant, and we're expecting triplets. Twin boys and a girl.

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Karyn said...

I talked to your hubby today as we dropped the kids off. He gave me an update and it sounds like you're doing great. You're definitely in the home stretch. I hope you make it several more weeks, but that the weeks go by quickly for you and your family. Love, Karyn