Monday, November 26, 2007

We are HOME!

I really have to start by apologizing for not keeping everyone better informed on what's been going on, but it's just been so crazy(even for us).

We left to NY on Sunday, and flew all night. The kids did great, probobly because we've instilled in them that the only appropriate thing to do on a plane is sleep, no matter what time it is. We drove to our apartment we were renting, and were greeted by a disshevled looking women with a six pack in her hands. IT'S 8 AM!! The place was a dump,there were shady people hanging out and smelled like cigarette smoke. We tried to tell her we just couldn't stay there, but she just wouldn't take a hint. We had about 10 suit cases between us all, it was freezing, and our appointment was in about an hour. This women drank 3 beers in the time she was talking to us, and got progressivly pushier about the whole thing. We finally said NO, and basically walked away, and had to search our another hotel witin walking distance, because it was either that or take 3 cabs around NYC searching for vacancy. The double tree was on the corner and happened to have what we needed for the week at a whopping $650 A NIGHT! At that price I think the least they could do is put out some muffins and coffee in the morning, or throw in some internet use in our room, but no, apparently nothing is inclusive in NYC.

It was a hectic start, but once we got settled in, things went very smoothly. On Monday night before Savannahs surgery we went to the giant ToysRus, and had a blast.

Savannahs surgery was 6 hours long without any complications. I read, and read, and read, to keep myself from thinking about anything really. (Those Stephanie Meyer books are really good time passers.)
Mark and the kids went to see the Empire State Building.

When she was finally done with surgery I was too squimish to hold her, so Mark held her while she came to. As I watched her wake up I couldn't help but think of all she's been through in her short life, and to think it's only the beginning, it just made me cry. Everyone kept asking "what's the matter, don't you think she looks good?" Even Dr. Cutting asked, and i kind of felt bad, because he did an awsome job. It's just hard to be excited, or even happy when you see your baby come out of something so painful.

I knew i should of kept up my blog even in NY, because now it's all a blur in my head, but the first five days or so were the hardest, she didn't sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, and she did have those uncontrollable crying spells a lot, but having Mark and my parents around made it bearable.

We did get to have some fun while we were there. We took the kids out to Central Park, and made a whole day of it. There's a carousel, an ice skating rink, and even a zoo there.

We saw the statue of Libery, and ground zero. We rode a taxi, the subway and a ferry. I learned how to properly tie a scarf, and now understand what it means to really be cold.

All in all our trip was everything we could of hoped for it to be, and are happy just to be home. Savannah's still wearing arm restraints, has to have saline put in her nose about every hour, and we have to tape the incision. but in about 4 weeks from now, we'll have none of that, and we can focus on just trying to "normal" for now. Her next surgery date is MAY 6Th (which also happens to be her birthday)and that's when she'll be having her palate closed.

Thank you to all those friends,family, doctors and staff who have prayed, fasted and been such a help to us. We know this was a group effort, and can't express the gratitude we feel in our hearts twords you. I hope you can look at Savannah and know that you have trully made a difference in her life and ours.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The rumors are true!

Yes, we did move last Saturday to Brea CA. It wa kind of weird because didn't think it would happen at all let alone so quickly, so we really didn't tell any one. We found out Wednesday we could rent the house, and packed and moved on Saturday. We had a few people go to our house and look through the window only to find out we were gone.
It was a bitter sweet moment because we've looked forward to moving since we moved into our Comstock house, but as we were packing and it started becoming a reality, we realized how much we're going to miss the Pickering Ward. They've truley been our extended family through it all with us. Brea's not THAT far, so it's not good-bye, just, we'll see you later. We've worked really hard to get unpacked and settled before we leave for NYC. Savannahs big day is on Tuesday. to be continued.......