Sunday, January 27, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

For the past 8 months I've attached myself diligently to this lovely piece of machinery every 3 hours (yes even at night). Now, I won't lie and say I don't skip a session every once in a while, but the pain of engorgement is kind enough to remind me of my lapse. When Savannah was first born and the realization struck that she would never be able to nurse, no matter how hard I cried or prayed, I thought if I could just make it her first surgery, I'll call it a day and be done with it. Her first surgery was suppose to be at about 3 months old, but didn't end up happening untill she was 6 months old. At that point I was half way through, so why not just keep going. Her next surgery is May 6th (yes, her birthday) and I hope to be able to make it till then.

Why pump? The difference between one ear infection, and a never ending ear infection, that many times leads to hearing loss. The antibodies passed along through breastmilk also lessen the chances of infection on the incesions, and help speed up healing time. After her next surgery she will have to be on an all liquid diet for a while, and what better liquid than breastmilk.

Pumping has been the hardest most unforgiving commitment I've ever had to make. I've endured engorgement, mastitis (infections), cracked nipples, blisters and other uncomfortable moments because of it, but like anything that we've done for Savannah, I hope to be able to someday say to her, we did EVERYTHING we possiblly could for you, and know that it's true.

I pump therefore I am....tierd

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Pink Eyed Monster!

Yes, pink eye has struck our household. We spent Wednesday Morning at the doctors(yes we, all 4 of us) only to go back on Thursday for immunizations and flu shots for all. (myself excluded) Can't tell you how um fun that was. So we are quarentined. Not all bad. I kind of enjoy not being able to go anywhere these days. For those fellow Nick Jr. watchers, what an exciting night it was on Monday as the new Backyardigans movie premiered. We recorded it and didn't get to it untill Wednesday, but the suspense made it all that much better. We had popcorn, cookies and cream puffs(kiera's favorite) and had a movie night. I didn't get any pictures, but Savannah somehow (mason&kiera) got a hold of a cream puff while i went and got the popcorn, and had a blast smooshing the heck out of it into the carpet. Pure Delight best describes her expression and how could I be mad at that?

Monday, January 14, 2008


I've come to the realization that I'm not going to ever have a good chunk of time to "blog", so bear with me as i speak through pictures. I'll post a short comment on each, but that's as much as I can do for now.

Savannahs first experience with solids.

Clearance time at Target