Sunday, September 16, 2007

We met the surgeon

On Tuesday night Savannah and I flew out to the big apple to meet her surgeon. We flew all night, and she was a doll and slept the Entire trip there. Me on the other hand....something about flying to New York on September 11 just didn't feel right, then you go and throw in one muslum sitting right across from me, and that was enough for me. I tried smiling at him when we first got on the plane, but all I got was a stone cold look of death. My mother-in-law said it was because they don't like women. I was sure it was because we were his ticket to his paradise with 72 virgins. BUT we made it. Poor man was probobly just as uncomfortable flying that day, because I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking that.

We took a nice hour and a half ride through Queens (i took a ride share van) and finally made to the doctors. We met Dr. Cutting, and I was as impressed as I hoped I would be. He explained the entire process in detail, and that made me feel a whole lot better about our decision. Her surgery is scheduled for November 13th, and we're hoping and praying her gums will touch before then.

While we were waiting in the lobby for the nurse to see her, we met another little girl with a bilateral cleft. Her name was Niomi, she was 8 and had the sweetest little voice i've heard. She was playing with Savannah and said "I hope the kids don't make fun of HER at school." I said do the kids make fun of you at school? and her eyes welled up and she said "yeah" My heart felt like it had burst. I wanted so badly to hug her and tell her it was not true. Whatever the kids said was not true. But instead I was speechless. I managed to tell her she was an awsome little girl, but who wants to hear they're awsome when others are making fun of you? I think the reality of what these poor children go through dumbfounded me.

The world can be such a cruel place.

Monday, September 3, 2007

We have a winner!

It seems that after much research and prayer we have decided upon a surgeon. We will be having Dr. Court Cutting of NYU do her surgery our in New York. I spoke with them out there last week and they gave me a tentative surgery date of November 12th. It's alot later than I had thought or would want it to be, but we'll take it. I just can't wait untill i could cuddle her against me without fear of hurting her. That's been one of the harder things about this whole retainer thing. I'll probobly fly out to NYU this coming week to meet with the surgeon, but that's still not planned out yet. I'm actually a little nervous about flying to New York by myself. San Antonio I had down,I knew my streets, and the airport pretty well, but New York is a whole nother matter. We'll see.
Mason and Kiera are doing well, reeking havoc and chaos throughout the house. They love Savannah(sometimes a little too much) and enjoy "playing" with her. On Friday Mason was busy "playing" with her on her bouncer and fell on top of her. Usually not a big deal, except this time he smacked the retainer right out of her nose. Poor Savannah, she was hysterical, and I couldn't get the retainer off, so I eventually had to take the scissors to it and just cut it off. It was a rough morning after that. This pictures actually from about 3 weeks ago, but i thought it was nice.