Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kiera turned WHAT?

I can't believe my baby's turning 4, but it's true. It's been four years now since our lives really started, and looking back at it, we've loved every minute of it. This year we had the "bright" idea of doing a beach party and couldn't have picked a worse day to do it. It seems like nobody could make it, and there was a 45 minute line just to get in the beach. Once you Were in you had an indefinate wait for a parking spot, only to be greeted by blasting winds. BUT all in all it was a ton of fun. We roasted weenies, had caked and made s'mores. The kids didn't seem to mind the wind, so we tried not to also. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIERA!

Texas visit

So i got home from CHLA on Tuesday at about 7:30pm, and i had to leave for the airport at 8:15pm. We barely made it on time, and i made the flight by two people. I had to hold Savannah for 4 and a half hours, but at least i got on. At this point i was so excited because i could catch the earlier flight from Atlanta to Texas, and have more time once i was at the doctors. So i got in to Atlanta at 6:30am and the flight left at 7:03am, so i RUN to the little train that takes me to terminal C. I really had to use the bathroom and pump, and since i can't with the baby on my lap I ran to the bathroom as soon as im there. Now, I CAN and DO multi task once in the bathroom stall, but even still, Imissed the plane by about 2 minutes. I ran to the check in counter only to see CLOSED posted on the board. I said
"What do you mean it's closed? It's only 7:00 am" to which i get "Oh, the planes leaving a couple minutes early. You could catch the next flight at 8:47" And as much as i tried, I just could not fight back the tears. It's 4am our time and i haven't slept a wink, my arm is killing me from holding Savannah, she's crying and I didn't even finish pumping.
So now i have to go to a different gate to rebook my flight, and i'm just a mess because i'm thinking the Doctor won't be able to see me if i get in later, and i'll have to spend the night out there. I called Mark who called Dr. Henson to see if i'd be ok and he said it was, so now i felt a lot better. I successfully rebooked and made my flight. Once there i caught the first Taxi I saw, and made it to my appointment. The trip back was pretty uneventfull. I didn't make the flight from Utah to LAX at 4pm so i had to wait for the 7:55 flight. Thunderstorms rolled in, and it was POURING by 6pm. Flights were delayed and i didn't end up leaving untill 9pm, but at least I got home. Needless to say we were EXHAUSTED.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Surgeons visit

So on Tuesday afternoon we met with the surgeon at the Childrens Hospital. She was really nice, and answered alot of our questions. But it just seems like for every one piece of good news, there's like 3 bad pieces of news. She doesn't seem to think Savannahs "nub" will be pushed back enough to do the GPP (sew her gums together). She also said her columella (tip of her nose) is not stretched enough for her to have good results at the time of her surgery. It's hard to hear such discouraging news. We saw a little boy in the waiting room that she did surgery on, and he looked ok at best. I found a surgeon in Maryland who did an awsome job on a little boy that looked just like Savannah. It's the only picture i've seem that's actually given me some hope. Well whatever we do, we kind of need to choose a surgeon soon, so that's what we'll be praying about.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

10 Weeks Today!

This is my first blog ever, and i'm so excited at what the internet can do. I hope to be able to keep everyone who's interested updated on our family, and especially Savannah.

Savannah is 10 weeks today, and that much closer to being done with her NAM (the retainer) and her surgery. We meet with the surgeon from CHLA on Tuesday. We're still not sure if that's who will be doing the surgery, but we'll know on Tuesday. And yes, we're still going to Texas this week, just on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.